When is important to see your doctor

If you or someone in your family thinks your forgetfulness is getting in the way of your normal routine, it’s time to see your doctor. Seeing the doctor when you first start having memory problems can help you find out what’s causing your forgetfulness. If you have Alzheimer’s, finding the disease early gives you and your family more time to plan for your treatment and care. Your doctor or a specialist may do the following things to find out if you have Alzheimer’s disease:

• give you a medical check-up

• ask questions about your family’s health

• ask how well you can do everyday things like driving, shopping for food, and paying bills

• talk with someone in your family about your memory problems

• test your memory, problem-solving, counting, and language skills

• check your blood and urine, and do other medical tests

• do brain scans that show pictures of your brain

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