Kenneth Smaltz Jr.


An Organization for the Cure and Care Of Alzheimers


Kenneth Smaltz, Jr.

Ken Smaltz, a businessman and philanthropist, built a successful business and became a leader in his field as a rare coins dealer. It was around 1994 when Ken’s father began showing signs of dementia and soon after moved into his home. For nearly 10 years, Ken and his sister were primary caregivers for his father. As the disease progressed it became increasingly difficult to monitor and take care of his father’s needs at home.

In 2008, Ken met Martha Wolf, Director at Parker Jewish Institute’s Alzheimer Center, and placed his father in their adult day care center. During the time that Ken’s father participated in adult day services, Ken realized what a valuable service adult day centers were for caregivers in the community who were trying to juggle their lives and also take care of loved ones at home. He also realized that not all families would be able to afford the service. So, in the midst of caring for his own father, Ken organized backyard barbecue fundraising events at his home with the proceeds going to directly help families pay for social day care. Four family caregivers were awarded over $4,000 each over the first two years of the event.

In 2012, in honor of his father, the Kenneth A. Smaltz, Sr. Foundation was founded —— a 501c3, for the cure and care of Alzheimer’s disease. Ken’s objective is to advocate for the importance of social adult day programs and their benefits for participants and their caregivers. With this in mind the foundation raises money to provide support for families who cannot afford to send their parents to these centers. To promote research, the foundation provides grants to clinical fellows attending the Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders Center at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston — a clinical postdoctoral position for physicians who have

completed their neurology training. Ken has become a spokesman for the Alzheimer’s Association, assisting with their national, state and local lobbying efforts. He gives his time as an associate board member of Parker Jewish Institute and a board member of Long Island Alzheimer’s Association. The foundation continues to grow with more and more corporate sponsors. The Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation, Parker Jewish Institute Platinum Professional Award, National Adult Day Services Association and New Yoork State Governor Andrew Cuomo have honored Ken for his commitment and service in the Alzheimer’s community.

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