Caregivers Symposiums and Seminars

2nd Annual Alzheimer’s Caregivers’ Symposium at Harlem Hospital Center

The Kenneth A. Smaltz Sr. Foundation held its Second Annual Alzheimer’s Caregivers’ Symposium at Harlem Hospital. In observation of National Caregivers Month in November, this year’s half-day Symposium was designed for family caregivers and the practitioners who assist and support them. The symposium had expert resources to help caregivers deal effectively with the legal, financial and emotional burdens of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Warachal E. Faison, Medical Director, Women’s and Men’s Health at Pfizer was the keynote speaker.

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First Annual Alzheimer’s Caregivers’ Symposium at Harlem Hospital Center

The Smaltz Foundation First Symposium, “Caring for People with Alzheimer’s” happened at Harlem Hospital 506 Lenox Ave in Manhattan. We brought together an impressive group of leading experts, researchers, policy makers and caregivers to discuss and examine the public health crisis of Alzheimer’s.

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Following the success of our Caregivers’ Symposiums, the Smaltz Foundation is producing a series of Caregiver’s Seminars, where we bring relevant information to caregivers through community centers, churches, adult day care centers and other facilities.


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